12 Mar

Make Your Android Phone More Smarter Using These Tricks

Android is an open source platform where developers and users enjoy a lot of freedom to develop and test anything. With taking the dominating character of the world smartphone market, Android has got some really intuitive features which many users are unaware of. Today we will unveil some of those, and before starting, we want to inform you that these are not going to be the annoying “already read” points. I can bet the maximum of these are new to you.

Let’s move to the points and discuss about the features you need to know to make your phone better than ever. Android has always been smart, and it’s time to make your phone smarter.

1. Make your phone smarter to show the owner info

If you have lost your phone and someone finds that, it’s important to know the owner. Otherwise it’s very hard to find who the user is.


  • Setting this thing is very easy; just follow the step by step procedure carefully-
  • Open the app tray and move into the “Settings” option and then go to the “Security” option.
  • Tap on that, and you will find another option named “Owner’s info.” Tap that and type the owner’s info (what you want to show while the screen is locked). We prefer to mention a phone number of your family member so that if someone finds the phone, he/she can call on that number.

  • When you are done with this, tick out the options button of “Show owner’s info on lock screen” on the screen.
  • Allow automatic locking, and you just need to select the “Time” for that.

That’s all. Now tap back and enjoy.

2. Encrypt your Android phone

You can encrypt your Android phone and save all the data from being stolen. Maximum of us don’t know how to make Android phones encrypted.

What you need to do is very easy, follow the below mentioned steps to make the phone safe and secured.

If you are using an Android phone running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, then your task becomes easier.

  • Open the “Settings” from the app drawer and tap on that to move quickly into the main settings menu.
  • Then follow the string to activate your security options- “Settings” > “Personal” > “Security” but the steps depend upon the OEM in use sometimes.

  • Choose the encryption option and set the PIN. To set the PIN, you may need to confirm the default PIN which is either 1111 or 9999 in maximum cases. Once you have typed the default PIN, you are all set to type the new PIN for your Android phone.

But remember one thing that without this PIN you will not be able to open the phone so, set something you can remember easily but tough to guess for others.

Stay in touch and inform us if you are facing any problem in any steps of the above. Make your Android phone smarter and be a smart user. Stay tuned.

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