07 Mar

How to Fake GPS Location on Android to Prank Friends and Girlfriend

“Prank” has become a part of modern day entertainment. With the advancement of the technologies around the world, pranks have become even smarter and tricky.

If you have an adorable but excessive possessive girlfriend who does not like you to chill with your friends also, how will you manage the things? Maybe the fake GPS spoofing is the ultimate answer. It does not let her know where you are actually even if she asks to share your location.

Let’s know how to set fake GPS location using your Android phone. Remember one thing, the person you are making fool, he or she should not be aware of the same prank!! Otherwise, your luck will turn worse.

Let’s try our lucks here.

How to Fake GPS Location on Android

With an Android phone on hand you can do many things at a time and even it comes to make someone fool, you can do that also. To fake your current location, you need an app on your phone.

The name of the app is “Fake GPS Joystick.”

Now, the question comes, how to use this app and fake our locations within a minute!

Let’s dig the process out here in below.

Here, we have provided a step by step detail on how to fake the location using the Android phone in your hand because there is no handy proof except the “location sharing” about your whereabouts.

Step 1:

Go to the “Google Play” and search the “Fake GPS location” there. Once you get the app there, tap on the “Install” button and wait till it’s installed fully on the phone.

Step 2:

The size of the app is very tiny. So anyone can easily install this even if there is storage shortage. Provide all necessary permissions to spoof the location service. Allow it to take over the spoofing service of all social messaging services like Viber, WhatsApp, etc. That means if you are to share your location via these apps you can spoof that too easily!

Step 3:

Now, the time comes, if you are asked to share your location. How would you do that? It’s very simple and easy. How?

Go to the “Fake GPS location” app and search the place you want, it will show the places matched, select the option and get straight to that area. Set your location there and you are done!

Fake GPS Joystick

Step 4:

Now it’s time to share your spoofed location. Turn on the “Location” option of your mobile and open the “Google Map” app. If you are seeing that the map is showing the location already set in the “Fake GPS app” then it’s all ok. You can start sharing your location with your girlfriend or friends!!

If you are sharing the fake location to your friends, be ready to face a lot of questions within a minute and similarly it creates a way out of the hundred of questions from your girlfriend 😉

That’s it. If there is any problem, you are facing on its way to implement it, and then let us know. Stay tuned.

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