23 Feb

How to Track Family Member on Google Map- A New app from Google

Tracking your loved one has become very easy. Due to many incidents we started feeling insecure and always have a headache when someone close to us goes somewhere and not picking the phone instead of ringing! We have gone through similar kind of situation a couple of times. But information technology especially Google’s Android has come to us as a boon and using some simple steps we can keep tracking of our beloved one without calling him or her. This will provide real time tracking of the person. Only one condition is there, you have to make sure that the person you want to add into tracking has an Android phone! That’s all.

Let’s check the process and starts tracking when our loved one is not responding for a while. Even if you have no idea where you phone is, then also you can track the phone and can get that back easily (if it’s dropped somewhere and you don’t know exactly where it’s dropped).


The reliable app which makes this thing possible is “Trusted Contacts.” This is not a spying app, you better can call it a rescue app because if your children are going to any summer camp, you can have an eye on them.

Another best point of this app is that if someone requests your location and if you don’t deny the request within five minutes, it will automatically send the locations to your added contacts.

This works like a tracking app, and it will need your precision location in order to be able to function properly. That’s why it’s’ important to grant the permission for precision location detection when the request is prompted up. The developer of this app, Google assured that the data of your frequent locations are kept and encrypted privately into the app, and it always shows your précised current location along with an accurate Google map of your recent location changes.

Now that you have understand that it works on GPS activities and your trusted contacts, you will have to grant permissions to those people who trust most to track you and if you are in such situation that you can’t pick your phone, it will send your location after every five minutes of every request sent by your added contacts.

If you are sending any SOS then your contacts don’t need to have the app installed on their phones. They don’t even have to have a Google account also!

Here is How you add Contact to the App

It’s very simple to add contacts to this app, let’s know how to insert the contacts easily-

  • Open the app, and on the right side you may see the option- “ADD CONTACTS
  • Then select contacts from your contact list.


  • Once selected tap on that to add to the list of the trusted contact.

You are now ready to start the new session of mutual security bonds between your family members and you.

Don’t forget to mention the problems you are facing (if any) into the comment section. We will be glad to assist you.

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