12 Mar

Make Your Android Phone More Smarter Using These Tricks

Android is an open source platform where developers and users enjoy a lot of freedom to develop and test anything. With taking the dominating character of the world smartphone market, Android has got some really intuitive features which many users are unaware of. Today we will unveil some of those, and before starting, we want to inform you that these are not going to be the annoying “already read” points. I can bet the maximum of these are new to you.

Let’s move to the points and discuss about the features you need to know to make your phone better than ever. Android has always been smart, and it’s time to make your phone smarter.

1. Make your phone smarter to show the owner info

If you have lost your phone and someone finds that, it’s important to know the owner. Otherwise it’s very hard to find who the user is.


  • Setting this thing is very easy; just follow the step by step procedure carefully-
  • Open the app tray and move into the “Settings” option and then go to the “Security” option.
  • Tap on that, and you will find another option named “Owner’s info.” Tap that and type the owner’s info (what you want to show while the screen is locked). We prefer to mention a phone number of your family member so that if someone finds the phone, he/she can call on that number.

  • When you are done with this, tick out the options button of “Show owner’s info on lock screen” on the screen.
  • Allow automatic locking, and you just need to select the “Time” for that.

That’s all. Now tap back and enjoy.

2. Encrypt your Android phone

You can encrypt your Android phone and save all the data from being stolen. Maximum of us don’t know how to make Android phones encrypted.

What you need to do is very easy, follow the below mentioned steps to make the phone safe and secured.

If you are using an Android phone running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, then your task becomes easier.

  • Open the “Settings” from the app drawer and tap on that to move quickly into the main settings menu.
  • Then follow the string to activate your security options- “Settings” > “Personal” > “Security” but the steps depend upon the OEM in use sometimes.

  • Choose the encryption option and set the PIN. To set the PIN, you may need to confirm the default PIN which is either 1111 or 9999 in maximum cases. Once you have typed the default PIN, you are all set to type the new PIN for your Android phone.

But remember one thing that without this PIN you will not be able to open the phone so, set something you can remember easily but tough to guess for others.

Stay in touch and inform us if you are facing any problem in any steps of the above. Make your Android phone smarter and be a smart user. Stay tuned.

07 Mar

How to Fake GPS Location on Android to Prank Friends and Girlfriend

“Prank” has become a part of modern day entertainment. With the advancement of the technologies around the world, pranks have become even smarter and tricky.

If you have an adorable but excessive possessive girlfriend who does not like you to chill with your friends also, how will you manage the things? Maybe the fake GPS spoofing is the ultimate answer. It does not let her know where you are actually even if she asks to share your location.

Let’s know how to set fake GPS location using your Android phone. Remember one thing, the person you are making fool, he or she should not be aware of the same prank!! Otherwise, your luck will turn worse.

Let’s try our lucks here.

How to Fake GPS Location on Android

With an Android phone on hand you can do many things at a time and even it comes to make someone fool, you can do that also. To fake your current location, you need an app on your phone.

The name of the app is “Fake GPS Joystick.”

Now, the question comes, how to use this app and fake our locations within a minute!

Let’s dig the process out here in below.

Here, we have provided a step by step detail on how to fake the location using the Android phone in your hand because there is no handy proof except the “location sharing” about your whereabouts.

Step 1:

Go to the “Google Play” and search the “Fake GPS location” there. Once you get the app there, tap on the “Install” button and wait till it’s installed fully on the phone.

Step 2:

The size of the app is very tiny. So anyone can easily install this even if there is storage shortage. Provide all necessary permissions to spoof the location service. Allow it to take over the spoofing service of all social messaging services like Viber, WhatsApp, etc. That means if you are to share your location via these apps you can spoof that too easily!

Step 3:

Now, the time comes, if you are asked to share your location. How would you do that? It’s very simple and easy. How?

Go to the “Fake GPS location” app and search the place you want, it will show the places matched, select the option and get straight to that area. Set your location there and you are done!

Fake GPS Joystick

Step 4:

Now it’s time to share your spoofed location. Turn on the “Location” option of your mobile and open the “Google Map” app. If you are seeing that the map is showing the location already set in the “Fake GPS app” then it’s all ok. You can start sharing your location with your girlfriend or friends!!

If you are sharing the fake location to your friends, be ready to face a lot of questions within a minute and similarly it creates a way out of the hundred of questions from your girlfriend 😉

That’s it. If there is any problem, you are facing on its way to implement it, and then let us know. Stay tuned.

01 Mar

How to unroot an Android device without PC

Rooted devices have many extra facilities, but it’s not easy to sell the device once you have rooted it because potential buyers of the second hand devices don’t want to buy a rooted device at all beca use even if the device is in the warranty period, you won’t get the replacement. That’s why it’s important to unroot the device before placing the ad for selling the same. Now the question comes, how to unroot an Android device especially when you are willing to sell the device.

Precheck- Whether your device is compatible or not

To answer this frequently asked question, we want to start with the first step of unrooting a device- know whether your device can be unrooted or not.

We will use an app to restore all the previous functionalities as it came wrapped for the first time. The name of the app is “SuperSU Unrooting.” To be compatible with this process your device must run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. Otherwise, it won’t support the entire process of unrooting.

Now that you have known the minimum requirement of unrooting a device let’s start describing step by step guide to do the same.

How to unroot an Android device without PC

First of all let me tell you some points before we start the unroot process.

  • Unrooting neither guarantees to get the warranty back nor approves that you will get all the proper functionalities of the preloaded apps.

  • You must have the most updated unroot app in order to unroot the device otherwise some problems may come in between.

Now that you have aware about the whole thing let’s initiate with the step one.

Step 1: Go to the the “SuperSU” app from the Google Play Store. Once the automated search is completed you will find the app there. Mind it that it’s free of cost and you won’t have to pay a single penny for it.

Step 2: Install the app with a single tap. Once it’s installed, go to the app drawer of your device and find out the app.

Step 3: Tap on the app and start unrooting. Then it will ask for granting root access. You will notice some more tabs with few more specific settings. Tapping on those options you will see the full option list of “rooting.”

Step 4: There is an option named “full unroot”. Tap on that and you have granted permission for unrooting the device fully.

Wait a while and let the system complete the procedures. You may have to wait longer if you have the SD card in your device. Don’t worry every data will be intact.

Step 5: Once the process is completed, the SuperSU will close automatically and you will be asked to reboot the device. Just follow the order and reboot the device.

On starting you will see the new interface with all the preloaded apps back on the screen.

You are done! Try it, it’s really easy and always inform us if you are facing any issue.

23 Feb

How to Track Family Member on Google Map- A New app from Google

Tracking your loved one has become very easy. Due to many incidents we started feeling insecure and always have a headache when someone close to us goes somewhere and not picking the phone instead of ringing! We have gone through similar kind of situation a couple of times. But information technology especially Google’s Android has come to us as a boon and using some simple steps we can keep tracking of our beloved one without calling him or her. This will provide real time tracking of the person. Only one condition is there, you have to make sure that the person you want to add into tracking has an Android phone! That’s all.

Let’s check the process and starts tracking when our loved one is not responding for a while. Even if you have no idea where you phone is, then also you can track the phone and can get that back easily (if it’s dropped somewhere and you don’t know exactly where it’s dropped).


The reliable app which makes this thing possible is “Trusted Contacts.” This is not a spying app, you better can call it a rescue app because if your children are going to any summer camp, you can have an eye on them.

Another best point of this app is that if someone requests your location and if you don’t deny the request within five minutes, it will automatically send the locations to your added contacts.

This works like a tracking app, and it will need your precision location in order to be able to function properly. That’s why it’s’ important to grant the permission for precision location detection when the request is prompted up. The developer of this app, Google assured that the data of your frequent locations are kept and encrypted privately into the app, and it always shows your précised current location along with an accurate Google map of your recent location changes.

Now that you have understand that it works on GPS activities and your trusted contacts, you will have to grant permissions to those people who trust most to track you and if you are in such situation that you can’t pick your phone, it will send your location after every five minutes of every request sent by your added contacts.

If you are sending any SOS then your contacts don’t need to have the app installed on their phones. They don’t even have to have a Google account also!

Here is How you add Contact to the App

It’s very simple to add contacts to this app, let’s know how to insert the contacts easily-

  • Open the app, and on the right side you may see the option- “ADD CONTACTS
  • Then select contacts from your contact list.


  • Once selected tap on that to add to the list of the trusted contact.

You are now ready to start the new session of mutual security bonds between your family members and you.

Don’t forget to mention the problems you are facing (if any) into the comment section. We will be glad to assist you.

19 Feb

Android Night Mode- Everything You Need to Know to Turn it ON

Similar to the full night mode feature Apple unveiled in iOS 9.3, and Blue Shade which Amazon rolled out in summer 2015 on its Fire tablets, Android has its Night Mode which is supposed to limit the blue light emitted from the displays of devices. Unfortunately, while the setting was on the developer previews of Android Nougat, it isn’t in the final consumer release. Don’t be anxious, though, we’ll demonstrate how to permit Night Mode in Android Nougat.


How to Allow Night Function in Android Nougat: Preventing the blues from entering into your eyes

The Recent medical research appears to claim that the blue light emitted by the smartphone and tablet shows can have an adverse effect on rest habits. These wavelengths are thought to stimulate elements of the mind that control alertness, and may even convince our anatomies that it is still day time. The upshot of the is that making use of your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV in the late evening could make it harder that you can get to sleep.

Android 7.0 features more number of red wavelengths than the blues

The new Night mode setting in Android 7.0 Nougat addresses this by diminishing the blue light on your display, increasing instead the warmer reds to reduce disruptions to your well balanced circadian rhythm. It isn’t an assured solution. The NHS lists consuming coffee or tea, alcohol consumption or smoking as other potential explanations why you might battle to nod off when you finally hit your back on the bed.

How to permit Night Function in Android Nougat: Adding the feature to make Android night mode friendly

In case your Android mobile phone is working the most recent version of the operating-system, which is 7.0 Nougat, then perusing the Settings menu will leave you with a profound insufficient Night Mode. We’ve seen reports of men and women who upgraded from the Developer Betas actually seeing the feature listed automatically, but also for many of us are waiting for official release for the users.

For this workaround to reach your goals, you’ll first need to permit the Developer version on your device. Now move to the settings menu and scroll to the underneath of the list where you will get the About Phone section. Touch this then scroll to the underneath of another list until you find Build Number. Touch this repeatedly, it requires about seven or eight taps, and you will be informed that the developer version has been triggered. Now you’re prepared to proceed.

Accessing Night Setting involves downloading a tiny Android app from the Android Play Store that unlocks the feature. There are many available to choose from.

You’ll be offered a mainly empty screen instructing someone to Enable System UI Tuner. To get this done swipe down from the very best of the display to gain access to the Options menu, then long press on the Configurations/Gear icon until you start to see the message ‘Congratulations! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings’. Now when you scroll right down to underneath of the Adjustments menu, you will get System UI Trainer right above the about the phone option.

That’s all for today, Keep informing us if you are facing any problem even if you are using the latest Android OS- Nougat.